11 November 2020

Measuring the incidence of Coronavirus cases is coordinated with South Cambridgeshire District Council through Parishes.

In order to maintain a record of COVID-19 cases in the Parish, could you please contact the Chair, Stuart Laurie, by phone on 07718535289 or by email if you test positive for Coronavirus.

Thank you for your support and keep safe.

Babraham Parish Council

Initial actions

In the week of 23 March, the Government introduced stringent measures to contain the Coronavirus outbreak. Even so, we have seen many more cases and, sadly, more deaths.

Babraham is a village we all delight in and we hope that our community will act together to support one another and help to resolve the outbreak.

We’ll use these pages for local information and links to national resources.

In the meantime, we wish you well and hope that you can keep safe.

Stuart Laurie, Chair

Rob Attwood, Jane Goody, Charlotte Roger, Gareth Walker, Councillors

Latest Information

We will not use this page to provide advice: that is better delivered by radio, TV, online and newspapers.

Important links include Government pages:

Public Health England:

You can sign up to Government updates:

National Association of Local Councils; relevant to Council works:

What is my Council doing?

Babraham Parish Councillors agreed unanimously at their meeting on 12 March 2020 to provide support to Parishioners with shopping and prescriptions and distributed a leaflet to the village outlining the offer. Contact information for councillors can be found on the Parish Council page.

What About Council meetings?

The Government has legislated to allow for remote voting until 7 May 2021: Parish Council and other public body meetings can be held remotely. Local government legislation formerly stipulated that councillors must be physically present to vote.

The legislation allows for committee meetings to go ahead where members and any members of the public attending remotely can all times “hear (and where possible see) and be heard (and where possible be seen) by the other members in attendance”.

Cornonavirus – Help From Your Council

If you want our help to collect shopping or prescriptions or other important items, please contact the Clerk, Don Powell on: or 07786858220

All our Councillors and several residents have volunteered to help. The Clerk will get in touch with the name of the supporter who will call and, for security, will provide a unique number that only you and the supporter will know.

The supporter will work to current guidelines on contact and travel.