Cambridge City Football Stadium : Approved by SCDC

The planning application for a new Football Stadium for Cambridge City behind Dales Manor Industrial Estate have been approved by SCDC Planning Committee. The Parish Council objected to the application however Sawston PC voted in favour in return for community sports facilities.

The application received a unanimous 12-0 vote in favour.

This recommendation now goes forward to Mr Eric Pickles, Local Government Secretary, for final approval as the plan involves Green Belt land.

The planning application reference no. is S/2239/13/FL – click for all the details.

The Cambridge Evening News report on the decision features an interview with the club chairman – read it here

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12 June 2014

Agenda : Minutes

The main items discussed were the approval of the planning application for the football stadium. The PC is to attend a meeting with SCDC planners and Sawston PC to see what measures can be taken to mitigate the effects of the anticipated extra traffic. This meeting will be in June. The plan as submitted includes a financial contribution to highways improvements in Sawston but not in Babraham or for the Pampisford Whych.

The Solar Farm application is to be opposed by the council on the grounds of the land being in the Green Belt and would increase the likelihood of Sawston and Babraham merging eventually. There are concerns about the state of the land when the farm comes to the end of its life in 25 years, and the removal of such a large area of open countryside and its effects on wildlife. The council also took the view that it would be an eyesore and the planned screening by trees would be inadequate for many years.

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Proposed Solar Farm :
North of Dales Manor Industrial Estate, Sawston

A significant planning application has been lodged with SCDC for a Solar Farm on land between Babraham and Sawston. There is to be a Public Exhibition of the proposals on Thursday 12 June at The George. Everybody is invited to attend between 4 and 7pm. This is your opportunity to look at the ideas in detail and talk to the applicants directly.

According to the applicants, Sawston Solar Farm Ltd, “the site offers excellent levels of existing screening, is flat and does not present any significant environmental constraints. There are very few residential properties located nearby and this was a key consideration in the selection of this site for development. The solar panels will not have any significant visual impact, with a maximum height of 2.7 metres.”

The Parish Council urges you to take the time to see their ideas and then to let us know your views.You can use the Contact Us form on this site to do that easily.

This is the Site Plan they have sent us in advance of the exhibition.

PVF-CB2-15 Site Location Plan (2)

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Annual Parish Meeting : Summary

The Annual Parish Meeting was well attended this year, with more than twenty people present – that doesn’t sound a lot, but it’s more than Sawston PC get at their APM! All the various reports were listened to with interest and there were many questions. We learned that, due to cuts, the local police are having to concentrate on catching criminals rather than speeding motorists. This makes the Parish Council’s resolve to achieve more traffic calming in the village even more relevant. There was also much discussion about Babraham Biotechnology’s plans to expand further into the Green Belt. The Parish Council decided last year that it would not support any development in the Green Belt (except for rural exception sites for affordable housing). Unfortunately the PC has no statutory powers so its opinion, though listened to, is ultimately irrelevant.

This was a great event, with the village and its Parish Council in good heart. Wine, elderflower cordial and crisps were heartily consumed and Ruth Rowland won the super soaraway prize draw and received the traditional box of chocolates.

No formal minutes are taken of annual meetings.

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Public Art : Installed

The sculptures have now been installed, and very wonderful they are too. Take a walk down to the weir beyond the church, it is delightful. See if you can spot all five animals and birds. If you can’t get down there or just want a sneak preview you can have a look at a gallery of the first photos following the installation on the 14th May.

Public Art Gallery – May 2014

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Meeting Schedule 2014

The Parish Council will meet on these dates in 2014. They are subject to change depending on circumstance and the availability of Councillors. Please check here and in the Agendas and Minutes section for any changes. Clicking on a date gives access to the Agenda and Minutes of that meeting.

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Precept 2014 – 2015

The Parish Council has set the precept for the year ending April 2015.This is the money that finances the council’s operation. It has been set at £10,210.

The precept of £10,210 will give a Council Tax band D equivalent of £80.78 in 2014-15, this is an increase of £1.57 or +1.98% over the band D equivalent charge in 2013-14.

The precept is the same for 2014-15 as 2013-14 and the tax base has decreased from 128.9 to 126.4, this results in an increase in the band D equivalent charge.

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