Meeting Schedule 2014

The Parish Council will meet on these dates in 2014. They are subject to change depending on circumstance and the availability of Councillors. Please check here and in the Agendas and Minutes section for any changes. Clicking on a date gives access to the Agenda and Minutes of that meeting.

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Precept 2014 – 2015

The Parish Council has set the precept for the year ending April 2015.This is the money that finances the council’s operation. It has been set at £10,210.

The precept of £10,210 will give a Council Tax band D equivalent of £80.78 in 2014-15, this is an increase of £1.57 or +1.98% over the band D equivalent charge in 2013-14.

The precept is the same for 2014-15 as 2013-14 and the tax base has decreased from 128.9 to 126.4, this results in an increase in the band D equivalent charge.

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Budget 2014 – 2015

This is how we intend to spend your money in the coming year, to April 2015.

Precept 10,210.00    
Staff Costs     1,560.00
Admin and Legal      
Training   100.00  
Insurance   880.00  
General   300.00  
Audit   250.00  
Subscriptions   220.00  
Hall Hire   150.00  
IT Maintenance   125.00  
Election Expenses   75.00  
Postage   50.00  
Village Upkeep      
Path Sweeping   480.00  
Grass Cutting   800.00  
Mower parts/Petrol   40.00  
Street Lighting   400.00  
Equipment Replacement   50.00  
Maintenance   100.00  
Total     5,580.00
Projected Balance 4,630.00    
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Audit 2013 – 2014

This is how we spent your money in the financial year 2013-2014 and how it leaves us at the end of the year, April 2014.

Opening Balance 34,488.88  
Precept 10,210.00  
Other 32,359.82  
Staff Costs   1,431.73
Admin and Legal   2,748.89
Village Upkeep   6,384.15
Year End Balance 32,005.05  
Closing Balance 66,493.93  
Allocated Reserves    
Playground 20,000.00  
Contingency 1,000.00  
General Reserve 13,126.69  
Project Fund 30,000.00  
Cash 2,367.24  
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Report your flies

The Parish Council are trying hard to ensure that we do not have a re-occurrence of the flies which plagued the village last year. We have been in contact with the Environmental Health officers at South Cambridgeshire District Council and I am copying a letter from Susan Walford, the operational manager, below. The Russell referred to is Russell Watkins, who was the case officer last year. I suggest that, if you have any concerns whatsoever about flies in your property, you should phone the number given below. If you are in contact with Environmental Health it would be great if you could drop me an email so that the PC can keep track of potential problems and make contact with Joice and Hill (the operators of the poultry units).

Dear Ms Macpherson

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your concerns about potential ongoing problems with the flies which were associated with Home Farm last summer. I have consulted with Emma Trollope, Russell’s line manager who was involved with one of the site visits last year so she is fully familiar with the history of the case.

Emma witnessed first hand the seriousness of the infestation and I spoke to a number of complainants therefore we fully understand the level of concern felt by residents following last year’s problems. We have reviewed the actions taken by Russell and also had discussions with him to confirm the situation as of now.

• All of the recommendations in terms of structural works to the hen houses have been completed, this was confirmed by his visit on 17/3/14 and his subsequent e-mail to yourself. These works are internal and so would not be visible to anyone outside the site.

• All farm supervisors/managers underwent training in February on fly monitoring techniques.

• The hen houses are monitored every 5 days and this involves both sampling of manure for maggots and pupae and monitoring for live adult flies. All results are recorded and available for inspection by Environmental Health. The last samples taken were 100% clear for both maggots and flies.

• Any required insecticide treatments will be informed by this monitoring programme and carried out when necessary (you will recall from last year that the use of insecticides is heavily regulated and controlled and therefore needs to be applied under strict control).

I note that you have requested that Russell carry out surprise visits to the site this year, including sampling. We support Russell’s view that this is not an appropriate intervention in such circumstances. It is the company’s responsibility to manage pest control at it’s site. Last year monitoring was carried out by an experienced entomologist (financed by the local authority) in order to inform and advise the company on how to manage the infestation and our role was to verify that his recommendations were implemented by the company. The actions listed above have evidenced that the infestation was brought under control and the training staff have received together with the new monitoring programme put in place will mean that should the fly problem begin to establish itself, treatment will be applied at a very early stage before the adult flies emerge thus precluding the infestation experienced last year.

Flies are common place in the rural village environment and vary in numbers dependent upon weather conditions throughout the year. I would ask that if resident’s feel that there are an unusually large number of flies and wish to report this then they can do so via our contact centre by calling 03450 450063. Emma will ensure the contact centre manager is briefed on the history of the case so that residents do not have to give a lengthy review of the issue. We will then undertake to investigate further.

I hope that this helps to clarify our position and to allay some of the fears concerning a repeat infestation this summer.

Best regards

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The network of cycleways is growing. With those from Cambridge to the Babraham Research Campus, from Granta Technology Park to Whittlesford and from Babraham to Abington, we hope to see an extension from the Research Campus into the village to join them all up.

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Cambridge City Football Stadium Proposal, Sawston

This planning application is yet to be determined. While the PC opposed the proposal along with many residents, Sawston Parish Council have voted to support it in return for a larger community recreation space with better facilities. If the application is granted we should expect more traffic at certain times. The PC will try to make sure as many mitigating measures as possible are included and financed by the development.

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SCDC Local Plan

Following an extensive public consultation the draft plan has been submitted to government for examination in public. A planning inspector will consider both the proposed District Local Plan and the Cambridge City Plan at the same time – a sensible move. Our objections to the proposed housing developments on this side of Sawston remain and will continue to be pressed. One of the landowners has stated that they are opposed to access over their land on the grounds that it contravenes their charitable aims. This throws into question the viability of 200 of the proposed houses. Final decisions are unlikely until 2015.

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