Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 9th April

The Parish Council will meet on Thursday 12th March, 7:30pm. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus issues this meeting will be held remotely (as per recently confirmed legislation) using Zoom. Details of how to access this will be posted here shortly before the meeting. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend. The agenda and supporting documents are linked below:


Cashbook March 2020
Came and Company Insurance Pre-Renewal Invitation 2020
Unity Current statement 4 Mar-31 Mar 2020
Unity Current statement 29 Feb-4 Mar 2020
Unity Deposit statement 1-30 Apr 2020
Haven Power Direct Debit
Don Powell timesheet March 2020
SLCC Membership Invoice
Brookfield – March 2020
2020 Year reconciliation

Cornonavirus – Help From Your Council

If you want our help to collect shopping or prescriptions or other important items, please contact the Clerk, Don Powell on: or 07786858220

All our Councillors and several residents have volunteered to help. The Clerk will get in touch with the name of the supporter who will call and, for security, will provide a unique number that only you and the supporter will know.

The supporter will work to current guidelines on contact and travel.

Towards a Safer High Street

Babraham residents express concerns about the speed, frequency and weight of traffic through the High Street at many of the Parish Council meetings and at the Annual Parish Meeting.

The Council has been working to address and resolve these pressing issues.

At the 2019 Annual Parish Meeting we told you about our proposal to introduce reduce speeds by traffic calming in the High Street.

The proposal has been developed into a formal project by Cambridgeshire County Council Highways Department and is now to be reviewed for funding.

The County Council proposal is to install four pairs of speed cushions along the High Street, from 40m eastwards after the bridge, for a distance of 220m, keeping consistent central gap of 1.20m. It will include hump warning signs mounted on black posts. The locations are for guidance and are subject to change, influenced by road widths, lighting, dwellings and other factors.

The total cost is £27,858.11, of which the Parish will contribute £12,858.11, or 46%, from our reserves.

The Parish Council believes this will bring benefits in a safer High Street because of reduced speeds.

If you’d like to express your view, or have any other comment, please email the Clerk, Don Powell.

We continue to pursue projects to address other concerns – reducing traffic numbers and curtailing transit of large goods vehicle through the village.

Meeting Schedule 2020

These are the Parish Council meeting dates for 2020.

Meetings are currently held in the back room at the George Inn at 7:30 pm. However, the timing and date can be subject to change because of circumstance or the availability of Councillors. Please check here and in the Agendas and Minutes section for any changes.

To see the Agenda and Minutes of any meeting, click on the date

9th January

13th February

12th March

9th April – to be held remotely – view details for more information

14th May

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