Public Art

A series of wirework sculptures by Lucy Unwin are to be sited along the riverside walk between the church and the weir this Spring. The sculptures are of local wildlife and have been funded by the Babraham Research Campus. The planned improvements to the path in this area will make this short walk a delight. You can see Lucy’s work at

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You may have noticed a new phone cabinet near Jonas. This is to bring a fibre optic cable to the village in advance of upgrading the Sawston exchange. When the work is completed our broadband speeds will improve dramatically. The work has made a mess, which will be rectified, but will be worth it in the long run. No date has been announced but it should up and running later this year.

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Rubbish and Recycling

Our District Council collects our rubbish and recycling. They regularly win awards for their (and our) recycling efforts.

For guidance as to what goes in what bin and for more details, including what happens to it all, have a look in the latest South Cambs magazine or visit the South Cambs website – Which bin?

Recycling and Waste Collection calendar
If you are not sure which type of rubbish is to be collected this week, either look on the calendar in the South Cambs Magazine or visit their web site SCDC Recycling

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School Term Dates 2014

Training Day    Monday 6th  January

Spring Term Opens  Tuesday 7th January
Half Term    17th – 21st February
Spring Term Closes   Friday 4th April
(Easter weekend    Friday 18th – Monday 21st April)

Training Day    Tuesday 22nd April

Summer Term Opens  Wednesday 23rd April
May Day     Monday 5th May
Training Day    Friday 23rd May
Half Term    26th – 30th May
Summer Term Closes  Wednesday 23rd July

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Services Calendar

Two services are held each month:

  • 1st Sunday – Morning Service at 10:00am.
    This is a short informal service with coffee being served afterwards.
  • 3rd Sunday – Holy Communion at 11:00am

For further details of services, study groups and other events please visit the St Peter’s website
A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to join the congregation at either of these services.

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Grant Application Details

The Bush and Bennett Charity has funds to support one off grants for educational activities. All applications are treated in confidence and will be judged on their merits by the trustees of the charity.

Who can apply?
You must live in the parish of Babraham.
You must be under the age of 21 at the time of application.
You must be or intend to be in part or full time education.

What are the funds for?
Funding course work travel.
Books for study.
Musical instruments.
Art equipment.

Will applications for other projects be considered?

How do I apply ?
Please send a hand written letter to
Sally Punshon, Chair of the Trustees of the Bush and Bennett Charity,
Nye Barn, Sawston Rd, Babraham, Cambridge

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Jonas Webb

b. 10 November 1796 d. 10 November 1862

Born in Suffolk he moved to Babraham in 1822, becoming tenant of Church Farm till his death in 1862. His brother Samuel was a tenant of Reed Barn Farm until about 1879. They both bred Southdown sheep although Jonas received more fame and glory for his herds, leasing rams to breeders in America and Europe. He enjoyed outstanding success with his sheep, presenting one of his prize-winning rams to Emperor Napoleon III, who in turn gave him a massive silver candelabra.

Physically he was a striking man, so much so that somebody sent to give him an invitation when he was due to visit Paris was told to place it in the hands of the noblest-looking man he could find on the cross channel steamer.

Jonas had 10 children and was devoted to his wife who died five days before him. They are buried in the churchyard at Babraham together with two daughters. The statue of Jonas Webb which now stands in the High Street, stood for many years in Cambridge Corn Exchange.

Source: Babraham Chronicle compiled by Mary Symonds.

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