Babraham Parish Council: Agenda 8 April 2021

To members of the Council

You are hereby summoned to attend the meeting of Babraham Parish Council to be held remotely on 8 April 2021 at 19:30 for the purpose of considering and resolving the business as set out below.

Please could Councillors ensure they read the agenda notes and supporting documents circulated via email prior to the meeting.

Members of the public and press are invited to address the Council at this meeting during the Public Participation Time.

Members: 5        Quorum: 3

The meeting will be conducted remotely using Zoom conferencing using the following details.

Topic: Babraham Parish Council Meeting 8 April 2021

Time: Apr 8, 2021 07:30 PM London

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                           Part I: Non-confidential information

2104/01           To receive and approve apologies for absence

2104/02           To receive members’ declaration of interest for items on this agenda

2104/03           To sign and approve Minutes of Meeting dated 11 March 2021

2104/04           Exclusion of the public

To determine which items, if any, from Part 1 of the Agenda should be taken with the public excluded.

2104/05           Public participation time: 15 minutes are allocated

2104/06           Report from South Cambridgeshire District Councillor P McDonald

2104/07           Report from Cambridgeshire County Councillor K Cuffley

2104/08           Report from Babraham Research Campus (BRC) representative

2104/09           Clerk’s report

To note actions by Clerk to prepare for handover at end of April.

2104/10           Coronavirus

To note or review communications from local and national authorities, views and actions from Parishioners and other publics. To resolve on actions for Parish Council.

2104/11           Annual meeting of Council

To consider and resolve on whether the Annual Meeting of Council shall be held remotely on or before 6 May 2021.

2104/12           Budget

To review and, if agreed, approve Parish Council Budget 2021-22.

2104/13           Insurance

To review actions in respect of insurance renewal and, if agreed, resolve to approve.

2104/14           Action Plan and Policies

To review and, if agreed, approve Parish Council Action Plan and Policies.

2104/15           Year End and Annual Governance and Accountability Return

To review draft year end, audit and annual governance documents and, if agreed, to resolve to submit to auditors and regulators.

2104/16           Corporate Governance return

To review draft document and, if agreed, to resolve to submit to auditors and regulators.

2104/17           Community Governance (Boundary) review

2104/18           Zero Carbon opportunities

To consider any response to proposal and resolve on any actions.

2104/19           Local Plan and local developments

To review and to resolve on proposals for development, recent developments, the Call for Sites and SCDC Local Plan.

2104/20           Transport, traffic and planning

To consider works and proposals by such agencies as Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP), Cambridgeshire County Council, (CCC), South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC), Hill developments and others and to resolve on any actions.

2104/21           Traffic calming

To note any correspondence on traffic calming and to resolve on any actions.

2104/22           Street Lighting

To review replacement lighting and correspondence and to resolve on actions.

2104/23           Defibrillator

To review activities and resolve on actions on to ensure correct operation of defibrillator.

2104/24           Neighbourhood Plan

Cllrs to consider report from Cllr Attwood and to resolve on any actions.

2104/25           Communications

To note update on Council communications.

2104/26          Future meetings, Annual Parish Meeting

To resolve on how to meet after 6 May 2021, when Coronavirus regulations no longer have force and to explore Annual Parish Meeting.


2104/27          Receipts (as of 2 April 2021)

Notification received of the zero-carbon grant, although funds not deposited at this date.

2104/28          Payments (as of 2 April 2021)

HMRC              Income tax, March                                                        £67.00

Employee       Salary March                                        £267.08

Employee       Travel March                                        £6.84

Employee       Renew Zoom subscription                    £119.90

Employee      Costs                                                     £393.82             £393.82

SLCC                 Clerk membership                                                       £112.00

Ionos: 3 DD    Mail and web services (Inv 16, 17 Mar)                           £30.00

Haven: 3 DD  Electricity for lighting, all periods (Inv. 1 Mar)                   £40.73

Total (as of 2 April 2021)                                                                   £643.55

A full list of payments will be circulated and reviewed at the meeting.

Cllrs to consider payments and, if minded, resolve to approve.

Cllrs to note that payment approved for Cllr training was not required: cheque voided.

2104/29                Purchases (as of 2 April 2021)

Cllrs to consider the following purchases; noticeboard, bench, quotations and estimates circulated separately.

2104/30           Balances and Bank Reconciliation

Balances held at 31 March 2021

Unity Current A/C balance                           £106057.84

Unity Savings A/C balance                            £61242.84

Total                                                           £167300.68

Less uncleared items                                      £1372.25

Balance on accounts 31 March 2021     £165928.43

Cllrs to consider bank reconciliation and, if minded, resolve to approve

2104/31           Unity Bank and Bank Accounts

To review action to open new Bank Account and note actions on Bank signatories.

2104/32           Bookkeeping software

To note actions to incorporate data into Scribe software and its use for accounts.

2104/33           VAT reclaim

To review and, if agreed, proposed reclaim of VAT presented by Clerk.


2104/34           Planning Applications (as of 2 April 2021)

Consultation period expires, 14/04/2021. 21/00635/HFUL; Applicant, Mr & Mrs David & Ruth Rowland; 43 High Street Babraham CB22 3AG. Proposal: Single storey front extension and conversion of existing double garage to create a music room and gym with shower room.

Consultation closed: 20/01475/REM, Applicant, David Oxley; Land Adj 6 Blacksmiths Close Babraham Cambridgeshire.

2104/35           Planning Decisions (as of 2 April 2021)

None was received.

2104/36           Correspondence

Circulated in advance.

2104/37           Items to report and inclusion in the next meeting

                           Date of next meeting: Thursday 13 May 2021 at 7:30pm

2104/38           Part II: Confidential Information

Exclusion of the Press and the Public:  To resolve that in accordance with Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 and by reason of the confidential nature of the remainder of the business, the Press and the Public be excluded from the meeting.

Signature: Don Powell, 2 April 2021

Don Powell, 68 Woodland Road, Sawston, CB22 3DU

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