County Council Report, March 2021: Cllr Kevin Cuffley


As you know the Government announced the roadmap for coming out of easing Lockdown. You can go to the Government website to view the four steps to ease lockdown. Each step is based against four tests before restrictions ease. Starting with the return of schools on 8th March. The four tests being.

The vaccine deployment programme continues successfully

The evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated

Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unstainable pressure on NHS.

Assessment of risks is not fundamentally changed by new variants.

There will be a minimum of five weeks between each step; four weeks for data to reflect changes in restrictions; followed by seven days ‘notice of the restrictions eased.

The county council has been very active in making sure that all parents and schools are kept up to date with developments. Parents have been sent information on the rapid test facilities. Schools have been given a toolkit of social media messages and posters.

Covid-19 Epidemiology for week ending 5 March 2021

Average weekly cases per 100,000

South Cambs: 28

Rate of change comparing week ending 5 March with week ending 26 February

South Cambs: -44%


There has been a tremendous effort to get Gullies cleaned and cleared. Week beginning 22nd February 1637 gullies were cleared. Note area of flooding are of priority as well as potential threat to houses being flooded.


Councillor Roger Hickford handed in his letter of resignation to the leader of the County Cllr Steve Count. Roger Hickford has resigned from his duties as deputy leader and as a councillor.

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