Our Boundary with Sawston

The housing development on north side of the road to Sawston lies within Babraham Parish. Our Local Plan includes a larger development to the south side; a significant part of that location also lies within our Parish.

Babraham and Sawston Parish Councils have met to discuss the boundary and where it should lie.

A review is now open and we encourage you to take part in the discussion and make your views known.

If you have any questions, please email the Parish Clerk, Don Powell, at clerk@babraham-village.net.

You can find more detail in the Report to SCDC Civic Affairs Commttee on Sawston and Babraham Parish Boundary: Community Governance Review

Have your say: Community Governance Review of the Civil Parishes of Babraham and Sawston

Stage One: 6 January to 3 March 2021.

Stage One of the Babraham and Sawston Community Governance Review has now commenced and submissions are invited between 6 January 2021 and 3 March 2021



At the request of Sawston Parish Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council is undertaking a Community Governance Review of the parish boundary between the parishes of  Babraham and Sawston. The Review will consider whether the parish boundary should change following two new developments:

  1. The development north of Babraham Road (called H/1:b) consists of 3.64 hectares and is entirely within the parish of Babraham, abutting existing Sawston properties. Planning permission was granted on 28 August 2019 for 158 homes.
  2. The development H/1:c – South of Babraham Road consists of 11.64 ha and spans the parish boundary of Sawston and Babraham. The Council is anticipating an application for around 260 homes. The site is allocated within the South Cambridgeshire District Plan, 2018.

Sawston Parish Council has proposed an alteration to the Babraham/Sawston parish boundary to incorporate both of these new developments into the parish of Sawston

Have your say

You can find further details and have your say online: https://www.scambs.gov.uk/community-governance-review-of-the-civil-parishes-of-babraham-and-sawston/

Hard copy documents (submission forms and Terms of Reference) are available on request from:

Hard copy documents (submission forms and Terms of Reference) can also be collected from:

    • Sawston Post Office 50 High St, Sawston, Cambridge CB22 3BG


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