Grass Cutting on A1307

The Parish Council are continuing to try and get the grass cut along the central reservation at the A1307 junction – it is blocking visibility and is possibly responsible for recent accidents. Below is a copy of a recent email sent to county and district councillor Peter Topping on the subject.

Dear Peter

Further to my call to you on Friday regarding cutting the central reservation as a matter of priority, as there had been 2 accidents since I reported the matter as an urgent requirement on the 27th June,  we waited with baited breath for the grass cutters to arrive that evening as you had indicated. Sadly, they did not appear. 

We find ourselves in a difficult position, with parishioners demanding such safety actions, the Highways dept telling us it is being done and then nothing happening . This makes us, as Parish Councillors,  look incompetent or liars. Either the information you provided was incorrect or the contractors or your colleague misled you. How can we resolve these delays and discrepancies regarding urgently required action?
If the grass had been cut when requested it is possible that the two accidents could have been avoided.
Could you please pass this email to Mr Vatcher 
Kind regards

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