11 September 2014

Agenda : Minutes


Following a busy summer of activity the council met again in September. The meeting learned that Sawston Parish Council have voted to object to the proposed Solar Farm. SCDC will decide the outcome of the application in coming weeks. As is common in many parts of the country applications for solar farms are being submitted ahead of cuts to government funding next year. SCDC are also considering an application in Thriplow for a similar solar farm.

The Local Plan, that proposes major housing developments on our side of Sawston, is about to be reviewed by an Inspector. We have learned that this process will begin in late October. The PC will be represented where possible to press our objections.

Throughout the summer the PC has been attempting to gain some funding for measures to manage and lessen the impact of additional traffic through the village that will result from the proposed Football stadium in east Sawston and its associated car boot sales. Since the meeting we have learned that SCDC planners and the county highways department have chosen to disregard our fears and it seems we will be left to our own devices. It is now up to the Secretary of State to finally decide on the application. The PC is not allowed to make representations to the Secretary of State.

Whilst our super fast broadband is becoming reliable, we as yet do not have any dates on which providers other than BT will be able to offer a service. It should be soon but we don’t know when. It still remains that parts of the parish can not receive the improved service – a situation we are chasing.

Babraham Research Campus reports that their latest new building is to completed by the end of September and that there will be an opportunity to attend the opening. Following on from that the next building phase will begin in January next year. They are also considering a redevelopment of the conference centre area of the campus. Plans will include similar, but improved, facilities that will be made available for the benefit of our community.

Detailed discussions are being held concerning the next phase of the riverside public art project. Two further sculptures are being considered and on the opposite bank, the footpath side, plans for seating and information boards are progressing.

The meeting learned that the cycleway along side the A1307 from Cambridge is waiting for BT to relocate their telegraph poles before it can be finally completed. The path is being used both by pedestrians and cyclists already, it seems likely that, like the Sawston cycleway, use will exceed expectation. The next phase is well underway, in the sense that it is being discussed in earnest by all parties. A linking cycleway from the Campus roundabout through to the village will have to be built on campus land and will affect their security. Negotiations and plans are near completion and once it is built all local cycleways will join up.


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