Broadband Arrives

We are sure you will have heard that Superfast Broadband has recently been made available in Babraham. The Connecting Cambridgeshire website has more information, specifically about how to actually get it. The advice it gives is sensible and timely – please follow this link. The essence of their advice is to check your current contract with your Internet Service Provider, and if needing to change then assess a whole series of factors before deciding on which provider to switch to.

Whilst the speeds we will now be able to enjoy maybe not the same as in cities at least it is a major improvement on what we have endured for years. The County Council has worked hard and diligently to roll out faster broadband across the rural parts of the county, a job that is ongoing.

The PC can offer general advice if you have any difficulties or queries but cannot deal with specific problems relating to your service provider contracts.

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