12 June 2014

Agenda : Minutes

The main items discussed were the approval of the planning application for the football stadium. The PC is to attend a meeting with SCDC planners and Sawston PC to see what measures can be taken to mitigate the effects of the anticipated extra traffic. This meeting will be in June. The plan as submitted includes a financial contribution to highways improvements in Sawston but not in Babraham or for the Pampisford Whych.

The Solar Farm application is to be opposed by the council on the grounds of the land being in the Green Belt and would increase the likelihood of Sawston and Babraham merging eventually. There are concerns about the state of the land when the farm comes to the end of its life in 25 years, and the removal of such a large area of open countryside and its effects on wildlife. The council also took the view that it would be an eyesore and the planned screening by trees would be inadequate for many years.

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