This is the web site for Babraham Village, near Cambridge in the UK. It provides information from the Parish Council and a range of local groups, details of public services and growing history section.

The site is run by Babraham Parish Council on behalf of the residents. Any comments or enquiries should be made to the Parish Council, either directly or by using this Contact Form.

Additional information is often to be found on the notice board in the centre of the village.

Latest News

Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 14th May

The Parish Council met on Thursday 14th May, 7:30pm via Zoom. The agenda, minutes and supporting documents are linked below.


2005-00 Key Documents 9 May 2020

2005-10 Peter McDonald Parish Report May 2020

2005-17 Babraham Parish Council – Employers Liability Certificate 2020
2005-17 Babraham Parish Council – Hiscox Invoice 2020
2005-17 Babraham Parish Council – Hiscox Schedule 2020
2005-17 Babraham Parish Council – Hiscox Statement of Fact 2020
2005-17 Hiscox – Policy Summary
2005-17 Hiscox – Summary of Changes April 2019

2005-18 Audit Babraham PC Report 2019-20
2005-18 AGAR Public Display Babraham – Provision For Exercise of Public Rights
2005-18 AGAR Variances Babraham – Explanation of Variances
2005-18 AGAR Variances High Reserves
2005-18 AGAR Babraham PC – Internal Audit Report 2019-20

2005-19 LHI Panel Scorecards 2020 Appendix A

2005-24 Monthly payments May 2020
2005-26 Cashbook April 2020

Parish Council Meeting – Thursday 9th April

The Parish Council met on Thursday 9th April, 7:30pm. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus issues this meeting was held remotely (as per recently confirmed legislation) using Zoom. The agenda. minutes and supporting documents are linked below.



Peter McDonald – Parish Report April 2020

Cashbook March 2020
Quarter Expenditure Mar 2020 Budget
Came and Company Insurance Pre-Renewal Invitation 2020
Unity Current statement 4 Mar-31 Mar 2020
Unity Current statement 29 Feb-4 Mar 2020
Unity Deposit statement 1-30 Apr 2020
Haven Power Direct Debit
Don Powell timesheet March 2020
SLCC Membership Invoice
Brookfield – March 2020
2020 Year reconciliation
Auditing Solutions Report 2018-19
Asset Register 31 Mar 2020
Risk Register 2019-20

Poicies and Practices – Drafts

List of Policies For Review 7 April 2020
STANDING ORDERS Approved 14 November 2019
Babraham Publication Scheme 2020 For Review
Disciplinary and Grievance Policy For Review 9 April 2020
Action Plan 2020-24 For Review Apr 2020
Risk Register2020-21 For Review 9 April 2020
Privacy Notice Public April 2020

Babraham Parish Defibrillator

The Heartsafe defibrillator – sited on a pole near the village postbox opposite The George Inn – is now installed and registered.

The defibrillator is designed to be used by people who have no experience of helping a person with a suspected heart attack.

All you need to know is on the cabinet and you will be given instructions by the defibrillator. To protect the contents, the cabinet is locked and you will need a four-digit code from the ambulance service to unlock it.

If you are supporting a heart attack victim, simply call 999 as usual: the operator will check for the need for a defibrillator and will let you know where the defibrillator is and the access code.

The operator will help you along with the guidance provided by the defibrillator system.

If you’d like to watch a video explaining how it work, please go to http://www.heartsafe.org.uk/how-an-aed-works

Cornonavirus – Help From Your Council

If you want our help to collect shopping or prescriptions or other important items, please contact the Clerk, Don Powell on: clerk@babraham-village.net or 07786858220

All our Councillors and several residents have volunteered to help. The Clerk will get in touch with the name of the supporter who will call and, for security, will provide a unique number that only you and the supporter will know.

The supporter will work to current guidelines on contact and travel.